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    Tuesday 26th January – O2 arena

    Tickets For those who have ordered tickets, they should be attached to this letter. For people wanting any more tickets you will need to ring the O2 box office direct on 0208 463 3250

    T-Shirts For those who ordered them, we shall be giving them with the tickets. For those who already have them, you will need to wear previous year’s T-shirts. For those who don’t have one at all, a plain white T-shirt will need to be worn. These T-shirts should be worn with dark trousers or skirt. On the day the children will be able to come to school in their Young Voices T-shirts and the dark trousers or skirt that they will be wearing for the concert. They will also need to wear their school jumper for warmth. Also, normal school shoes should be worn. This will, hopefully, cut down on things to take and the chances of losing uniform!

    Coaches The children will be leaving school at 11.00am, with the adults/audience coach leaving school at 4.00pm. At the end of the concert, both coaches will be leaving at about 9.30 to return to school. Therefore, please arrange for your child to be picked up from around 11.00ish, this does though depend on the traffic, so apologies now if we are later! If you haven’t paid for the coach yet, please do so!

    Food The children will need food for lunch and for tea on the day. It would also be a good idea to take a bottle of water with them, as I know it will get warm.

    Cameras Video equipment is strictly prohibited within the arena, but ordinary photography is allowed.

     Songwords / backing tracks Please help your child learn the words at home (and you’ll be able to sing along too!!). All words and backing tracks plus a DVD of the dance moves are to be found on: youngvoices.co.uk  The password needed for access is: youngvoices2014

    Below is the schedule and information from the Young Voices team:

    12.45–1.15pm Choirs arrive at The O2 Arena

     1.45pm (Late choirs will miss start) All children must be in their seats for commencement of rehearsal. Once the rehearsal has started children should not go to the toilets in large groups as this can be extremely distracting.

     5.30pm Rehearsal for the choir ends and children can take one hour tea break.

    Children will need to bring packed tea. Children must not leave the arena.

     6.30pm Children must be back in their designated seats ready for the Concert.

     7.00pm Concert commences.

     9.15pm Concert ends. All children must remain in their seats until audience has dispersed. Coaches will return to school where the children will be collected by parents.

    Tiny torches

    Once again we would encourage children to bring a tiny battery operated torch to add to the excitement of the lighting effects in the arenas. (Torches must have protected bulb for safety and be tiny with no beam…torches with beams destroy the starlight effect and will be confiscated). Please note glowsticks are not permitted at the concert as they ruin the starlight effect.

    Please let parents know to save them the cost and effort of purchasing torches we have managed to acquire quality keyring tiny torches that include the Young Voices logo and last for hours at a very reasonable price and these will be available to purchase on the day of your concert.  These can be purchased as you arrive at the arena or during the afternoon break for only £1 each

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