School Closure


On-site and Off-site Learning - January 2021

During this period of partial closure we are aligning the on-site and off-site learning for children so that we can continue to teach the curriculum. Government guidance requires pupils to complete a minimum number of hours school work depending on their phase:

  • Early Years (Nursery and Reception) and KS1 (Years 1 and 2) – 3 hours per day
  • KS2 (Years 3-6) – 4 hours per day

Each day, teachers will send a link to a Sway with the resources and activities that should be completed as off-site learning. These Sways are also being used to teach the children who are in school receiving on-site learning. Links are being shared via Class Dojo.

Sway is a Microsoft Office platform that allows us to share lessons and is compatible with a range of devices, including tablets and mobile phones.  We are able to embed videos, links to websites and attach documents, as well as create Forms to allow interactive responses to questions which will enable us to assess the children’s work.

Other activities can be completed on paper or in books at home. Photo evidence of this work should be uploaded to Class Dojo Portfolios daily.

Where necessary, pupils will be provided with supplementary and/or tailor made curriculum materials.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants will be available to approve posts and comment on work during school hours. They will also respond to queries via Dojo Messages and comments on portfolio posts as required.

Example Sways for each year group can be accessed here:

Nursery – Busy Bees:

Reception – Little Owls:

Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Year 6:

Other Provision

In addition to our curriculum provision, we are also providing pupils and parents a number of avenues to keep in contact with teachers and their peers. 

Each week each classes have a Zoom Meet Up with their teachers and teaching assistants where they can chat with one another, ask questions about work, share tips with one another and complete short fun activities as a class.


The Pastoral Support Team continues to provide Interventions to targeted pupil throughout closure. Pupils in school have regular meetings with a member of staff. Pupils at home receive weekly phone calls to check in a provide support.

The Pastoral Support Team are also holding Zoom interventions for groups of children to ensure ongoing support.

Identified pupils with SEND not in school are having Zoom support from staff on a weekly basis. 

Collective Worship

Each week, all members of the community are invited to join our celebration assembly, via Zoom, where Merits are handed out to pupils and the week’s assembly theme discussed. Parents can find links to the assembly on Class Story each Friday morning.

The clergy provide weekly Collective Worship about the theme of the week. Collective Worship is shared both in school and with pupils learning at home via Sways.

Information and Resources for Parents

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