School Clubs

Pupils have the opportunity to join a variety of different clubs organised by members of staff and friends of St. Andrew’s.

During the school year a variety of clubs are on offer, which could include Choir, Gymnastics, Football, Netball, Scrapbooking and Craft, Rounders, Cricket, Tennis, Orchestra and Judo. In addition, teams are entered into competitions organised by the Uxbridge and District Primary Schools Sports Association. A charge is made for all clubs.

We are proud to offer a wide range of extra curricular clubs for our children:

Choir – Run by Mrs Hymns and Mrs Gaines. Open to any member of the Juniors. Concerts locally and at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and The O2 Arena. Thursday.

Football Team – Run by Mr McElwee, The team takes part in District competitions (winter). Wednesday.

Football Club – Run by First Touch Football. Open to boys and girls from Years 1 to 6. Monday.

French – Run by ‘La Jolie Ronde’ . Open to Years 1 to 3. Wednesday.

Gardening Club – run by Mrs Costick in the Summer Term. Thursday.

Gymnastics – Run by Nicola Owen. Open to Years 1 to 6. Tuesday and Wednesday.

Judo – Run by Mr John Jones. Open to Years 1 to 6. Thursday.

Netball – Run by Mrs Dallibar. Open to girls and boys from Years 5 and 6. The team takes part in District competitions (winter). Thursday.

Orchestra – Run by Mrs Gaines. Membership by invitation. Thursday.

Recorder – Run by Mrs Newns. Open to Year 4, 5 and 6. Thursday.

Rounders – Run by Mr McElwee. Open to Years 5 and 6 (summer). The team takes part in the District competition (summer). Wednesday.

Scrap-booking & Baking – Run by Mrs Sally Clargo. Open to all members of the Juniors. Monday.

Spanish – Run by ‘La Jolie Ronde. Open to Years 4 to 6. Thursday.

Tag Rugby – Run by Get Active Sports. KS2. Tuesdays

Multi Sports – Get Active. Reception and KS1. Wednesdays

Phonics and Reading Club – Run by school staff. KS1. Thursdays

Computing Club – Mr Astill. KS2. Thursdays

Street Dance – Get Active. KS2. Fridays