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    September 2018
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  • Values & Ethos

    Our Vision and Values

    St. Andrew’s is rightly proud of its heritage and has been serving the children and families of Uxbridge since 1869. Right from the very beginning the school has had a Christian foundation, as a Church of England School, and this faith in God is still a central and vibrant aspect of the character of the school.
    Christian values underpin the whole ethos of the school, belief in the God given potential of every child inspires all we do, and joyful worship helps to create a united, loving and confident community.
    With this foundation of faith we seek to serve the local community by offering high quality education to all our pupils.

    Our Vision Statement

    To deliver a relevant and balanced quality curriculum which enables all children to reach their full potential.
    To enable each child to grow in confidence, self-esteem and spiritual awareness.
    To foster an understanding and respect for others.
    To develop enquiring, independent and creative minds.
    For children to be happy, while belonging to a secure community and to encourage them to look forward to a challenging future.

    Our School Prayer

    This is our School. Let peace dwell here.

    Let the room be full of contentment.

    Let love abide here: Love of one another, love of life itself and the love of God.

    Let us remember that as many hands make a house, so many hearts make a school.

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