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    September 2018
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    Who’s Who at St Andrew’s

    Teaching Staff

    Mrs Nicola Edwards *                   Head Teacher

    Mr Paul Withams *                        Deputy Head, KS2 Lead, Year 6

    Mrs M Calder *                               Assistant Head & Inclusion Manager/SENCO, EYFS and KS1 Lead,

    Miss M Biddle                                Year 5

    Mr C McElwee                                Year 4

    Mr B Astill                                       Year 3

    Miss A McGregor                           Year 2

    Miss R Whitley                               Year 1

    Mrs P Gorton                                  Early Years

    Mrs S Hymns                                  PPA Cover

    Miss Z Iqbal                                    KS2 Cover

    * These are the members of the Senior Leadership Team.

    Support Staff

    Mrs J Box                               Administration Officer & Admissions Officer

    Miss J Smith                          Administration Assistant

    Mrs K Mansoor                      Financial Officer

    Mrs C Hopkins                       Welfare Officer (am)

    Mrs S Anstiss                          Welfare Officer (pm)

    Mrs L Stevens                         Early Years – Nursery Nurse

    Miss C Dickson                       Early Years – Nursery Nurse

    Mrs D Hostein                         Learning Support Assistant

    Mrs K Rowley                          Learning Support Assistant

    Mrs C Housego                        Learning Support Assistant

    Mrs J Sanguy                           Learning Support Assistant

    Mrs C Harrison                       Learning Support Assistant

    Mrs L Pocock                           Learning Support Assistant

    Mrs C Najafi                             Learning Support Assistant

    School Meals Supervisory Assistant

    Mrs S Regan – Team Leader

    Mrs M Denyer

    Mrs D Thurston

    Mrs S Vaughan

    Mrs T Newton

    Mrs A Nikratowicz

    Mrs L Seymour – SEN SMSA

    Mrs T Meadows – SEN SMSA

     School Meals Dining Room Assistant

    Mrs K Costick

    Mrs T Archer

    Site Manager and Cleaning Staff

    Mr Gerry McGuire – Site Manager

    Mrs P Jones

    Mrs T Archer

    Miss A Archer

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