Bible Festival

Our Bible festival theme week ran from 1st-5th March 2021. This was the final week of remote learning during the partial school closure, but this did not stop the whole school community coming together. Members of the school community including Parents and Governors as well as the wider Parish of Uxbridge, recorded and shared over twenty Bible story videos for the children to watch and enjoy over the week. Some of the activities that the children participated in included:

  • Bible Story videos
  • Clergy Zoom sessions
  • Designing and making banners showing the core theological concepts
  • Godly play
  • Writing and reading activities linked to Bible stories
  • Linked collective worship sessions with the clergy across the week
  • Craft activities

The children thoroughly enjoyed the week whether they were in school or learning from home. Here are some of the comments from pupils:

“Bible week was so fun, I really, really liked the Bible story videos,”     Darcie, Year 5

“My favourite thing in the Bible week was when Year 3 on Monday had a class Zoom with Father Andrew and we were talking about Daniel and the Lions’ Den.” Amirah, Year 3

“I particularly enjoyed learning about Psalm 23 because it lets me know God is always there for me.”  Austin, Year 6

“I enjoyed making the stop start animation on the parable of the mustard seed.”  Isabella, Year 6

“My favourite part was when we were drawing a story map about Jonah and the Whale because we were drawing it and I like it.”    Jasper, Year 2

“Even though Bible festival week was during home learning, it was still amazing. We got to do a zoom meeting and we got to do fun activities. It was truly amazing.”     Amelia, Year 5

I enjoyed writing a diary entry about Daniel and the Lions’ Den.”  Gabriela Year 4

I enjoyed the Bible festival week because there were lots of lovely stories that have really educated me. Thank you so much for sharing these.”  Yambutso, Year 5

My favourite part of the Bible festival was when we did the recount of the story because I love to write.” Jesseline, Year 2


Bible week – remote work

Nursery children watching the bible stories

Poster of the 7 days of creation

Creation story

3d creation story – snake, star and whale

Noah’s ark

Retelling the story of Jonah and the Whale

The Ten Commandments

Jesus calms the storms


Jesus is born

Symbols that represent Salvation

Symbols that represent the Kingdom of God

Watching Bible videos over lunch

Noah’s Ark

Godly play

Daniel in the Lion’s Den