School Uniform

All pupils are expected to wear the school uniform as listed below.

We are proud of the image that the school portrays to the wider community.  In order to maintain this we expect all children to wear full school uniform (including tie and school shoes) not only during school but also when travelling to school in the morning and again when they leave school at the end of the day.

All uniform is available from PMG Schoolwear

PMG Schoolwear


St. Andrew’s navy blue jumper
Trousers or shorts - grey
Shirt - white
Socks - grey
St Andrew’s School Tie
Shoes/Sandals - black (not opened toed)
Overcoat - preferably plain and one colour
Art Overall - Any Colour


St. Andrew’s navy blue jumper or cardigan
Skirt, Pinafore or Trousers - grey
Shirt - white 
Socks or tights - white/grey/navy 
St Andrew’s School Tie
Hair ties or ribbons - blue, grey or white
Summer Dress - blue & white check or stripe
Shoes/Sandals - black (not opened toed)
Overcoat - preferably plain and one colour
Art Overall - Any Colour

Reception and Nursery Uniform

St. Andrew’s Polo Shirt
St. Andrew’s Sweatshirt*

This is designed to be simpler and easier to wear for the younger pupils in the school. All other parts of the uniform on the bottom half are the same as above. Reception and Nursery children do not have to wear a tie.

*as of September 2019 school sweatshirts will no longer be available and will be replaced with a school jumper

Plain stud earrings ONLY are permitted.
Rings, bracelets and necklaces are not part of the school uniform and are obvious hazards.
Pupils who wear jewellery to school will be asked to remove it.
Hair bands, grips and slides etc, should be in keeping with the uniform in colour and style.

PE and Games Uniform

St. Andrew’s T Shirts
Navy Blue Shorts
Black or white plimsolls
Trainers - Any Colour
Pupils are permitted to bring in a change of socks if they wish
*Jogging Top - Preferably Dark Colour
*Jogging Bottoms - Preferably a dark Colour