Religious Education

Religious Education is a core subject at St Andrew’s CE Primary School where pupils are taught about and learn from the Christian faith from the Early Years. From KS1, other faiths are also introduced into the RE curriculum.

In line with Church of England guidance, at least 5% of curriculum time is dedicated to RE (over and above time spent on Collective Worship) and within that 5%, over two thirds is devoted to the teaching of Christianity.  Our school uses the Scheme of Work recommended by the London Diocese Board for Schools (LDBS).

Our RE curriculum is designed to develop pupils’ knowledge and awareness of beliefs and practices of Christianity and other major religions. They are encouraged to raise questions and begin to express their own views in response to material they learn about and in response to questions about their ideas. Across the school we have regular visits to our local church and other places of worship, giving the children the opportunity to enjoy first hand experiences of religious practice. This enhances their understanding and awareness of different religious beliefs and practices.